giovedì 10 maggio 2012

ATARI Acoustic trip + NOMICOSECITTA' exhibition

Yesterday, at TRIP, Naples IT.
Nomicosecittà exhibition + ATARI live in ACOUSTIC TRIP

(Names, Things, Cities). Walking, Looking, Telling, as part of a series of events kept by the ASTE E NODI Association. Our specific aim  is to offer walks inside the urban framework of the city of Naples. The routes have been imagined in collaboration with some artists who will accompany, among other things, the walkers along the streets showing points of the city that are often part of those paths we go through every day without being able to perceive their presence. The attempt is to revitalize the viewer’s glance, trying to discover new aesthetics beyond the stereotypes that crowd  the neapolitan collective imaginary. On show works by leading artists of the 2nd edition of NOMICOSECITTA': 
Simonetta Capecchi, Ryan Spring Dooley, Antonio Biasiucci 
and works by Maria Teresa Iacolare, Lucio Carbonelli and Pasquale Napolitano.

The Atari

The Atari

Paula Sunday

Katià, TRIP kaiserin

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